The Importance Of Empowering Your Daughter

We live in a world that treats women in the worst ways possible. While the media will speak of women and equality, they will usually use women and their bodies to promote anything from cars to floor cleaner. Women have been reduced to their body parts and their genitals in this modern world we live in and the very sad part is that this same society and this same media will work to tell your young daughter that this is all she is. When the media displays pictures of half dressed women or articles degrading women, they do it in a way that they tell women that this is a good thing and this is what they should be. In the United Kingdom and many other countries in Europe, the newspapers display pictures of nude young girls and portray it as empowerment and a sign of strength which then works to confuse younger girls in to thinking this is what they must do to show strength and be empowered. As a result, we have seen numerous young women walking the streets nude to portray empowerment and show that they are strong which is going to confuse any young girl.

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Your duty as a parent

Sadly, you are going to be bringing your young girl in to a very dangerous world and the media will torment her and crush her spirit in ways that you will never understand. It is up to you to empower your child and teach her that she is so much more than the media and society tell her she is. You need to take her to Hong Kong women sportswear and buy her a gift that she can use as an equal to become something great. Show her the world’s female athletes and scientists so that she realizes she can be so much more than a nude model in a newspaper or a model in general.

Instead of buying your daughter the sexualized clothing in the market or a Barbie doll that portrays the fact that all women must be skinny and beautiful, buy le coq sportif shoes onlineand enroll her in a sport of her choice.

Teach her to be what she wants to be and show her how she can reach her full potential in life. You need to empower her by telling her that she needs to make a difference in the world. Always ask for her opinion on important matters and subjects. Let her make decisions and give her credit when her ideas are brilliant.